A useful way of communication of this era: Advantages and Disadvantages

unified communications (UC)is the integrated system of different products like instant messaging, voice, mobility features, web and video conferencing, audio, sharing of data and desktop, controlling of call, speech recognition working together as one product.

There are various forms of Unified communications. The forms are:
• UcaaS or Unified Communications as a service
• Cpaas or the communications platform
• CCaaS or the Contact Center as a Service
The uses of Unified communications:
The most useful property ofUnified communications is that the level of communication can be done from different platforms. Meaning, if a message is sent from one medium, it can be received and accessed into another. Like The same text message can be sent or received from phone or laptop with the right kind of applications and if the user is connected to internet into even one device, he/she can access it from anywhere.
As said before, because of the universal access, UcaaS or Unified Communications as a service is used widely in everyday life for communications. Also, it is useful as an emergency contact system, as it can deliver lifesaving important information very quick.

Advantage and Disadvantages:
In terms of business communication there are several positive and negative points ofUcaaS or Unified Communications as a service or CCaaS or the Contact Center as a Service.
• Firstly, it can connect with all co-workers, customers, partners and vendors very easily.
• Sharing of information becomes straight forward thus helping in better interactions.
• Collaborations becomes easier as well.
But there are some disadvantages too:
• Using Unified communications could be expensive
• Everybody using this system in the same platform, also could be time-consuming and individually people could be resistant towards some specific technologies.
Every system has its own positive and negative points, however the advantages in this case has already taken over the disadvantages and made Unified communicationspath breaking.