Ecigs- another Quit Smoking device

After people became aware of the ill effects of smoking, many have been trying to get rid of the habit and consequently several alternatives and solutions have been sought. Over the last decade, people have come in terms with a new alternative called the disposable e-cigarette.

These electronic cigarettes are designed to look like actual ones although they might or might not have actual quantities of tobacco in them. The main principle revolves around creating a flavoured smoke analogous to the original cigarettes. The users are basically inhaling nicotine flavoured vapour that does not contain the harmful constituent carcinogen as in original tobacco cigarettes which causes the several ill effects in the human respiratory system.

Although these have been around for quite some time, people hardly know where to buy e cigarettes. A very convenient solution would be to buy such things online as there are a lot of online stores available that sells such merchandises. But often people might not require an entire pack or carton of ecigs and they might be in the need for just a couple of sticks, then they cannot rely on online purchases.

In such cases people would have to find a convenient store nearby. Some medical stores are known to keep such nicotine replacements like gums, nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes contain a cartridge for nicotine which has to be filled with a liquid supply of nicotine from time to time to replenish the supplies. It is battery operated and contains a tiny light emitting diode at one end.

One of the factors that enable the smokers to choose ecigs over nicotine patches and gums is that the electronic cigarette exactly emulates the very act of smoking. Nicotine patches and gums fail to do that big time and hence the smokers have a greater tendency to go back to smoking.