Jeff Bezos net worth: the story of Amazon

Jeffrey Preston was born in New Mexico in 1964 and little did everyone know just how far he would come in life and how much money he would make. Jeffrey graduated from Princeton in 1986 after which he decided to start up his own company and he did so by launching the first ever online bookstore which was titled Amazon which was the foundation of an empire.

On a drive from New York to San Francisco, Jeff decided that Amazon shouldn’t stay only with books and advance even further and with this intention, Jeff launched the website to include a separate set of categories of other products from electronics to other items that people wanted and the next thing you know, Amazon was an instant success and Jeff Bezos net worth grew.

As the website grew over the years, the infrastructure of the company too began to see development as well. Jeff was never easily satisfied with his decisions and managed to pull all stops when it comes to achieving the best there is. With this in mind, he launched the construction of more warehouses and spent heavily on better logistical tools for the business.

His hard work paid off because Amazon emerged as the first ever online based retail firm in the world and today continues to be the biggest ever in the world. The demand for the products means that Amazon conducts sales worth millions of dollars on a daily basis with the annual figures heading well north of the billion dollar mark along with Jeff Bezos net worth too.

As of the recent Forbes survey which took into account his wealth and assets had valued him at $28.7 billion which he continues despite his philanthropic and very simple lifestyle. click here to get more information billy slater net worth.