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MovieStarPlanet is a free game loved by everybody, most especially your children. The MovieStarPlanet game is a fun game which helps to boost one’s creativity. Players in this game would pick/create their movie character and compete to get Diamonds and Starcoins, which is the currency in this game, by participating in short film production. With Starcoins and Frame, players can buy for their movie characterslots of stuffs like costumes,animations, etc. or even backdrops for the next movie that their character would feature in. Both Diamonds and Starcoins are earned when other users watch the short movies that features player’s character.

To move up your character to the higher level in the MovieStarPlanet world, the character must interact and participate in several competitions with other users. More reason why MovieStarPlanet game is very ideal for kids in order to boost their interactive skilland creative skills. Although this game is free, yet it is sometimes really difficult to obtain Diamonds and StarCoins, more so most players get stuck in one MovieStarPlanet world. This is the reason why we prescribe the moviestarplanet hack to you. The msp hack tool will enable you to hack the MovieStarPlanet game for getting the Diamonds, StarCoins for yourself. Not only that,you also get the VIP-months for free.

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