Rules associated with hyperbaric treatment

Every individual around the globe has some or the other medical history. These medical histories of each are uniquely studied by the attending practitioner before starting the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. According to the histories of the medical conditions, a separate set of regulation and norms are prepared by the trained practitioner for every individual undertaking the hyperbaric treatment. Oxygen acts as one of the medicines with immense potentiality when breathed under the given conditions of the chamber for hyperbaric therapy and in pure form. Though there are several side effects that need to be noted by the practitioner as they can vary from person to person depending on their medical conditions.

The clear way of indications prior to the therapy include checking of the dosages, time of exposure, and limit of the depths as per the protocols of the complete treatment. The time of treatment involved in each session uniquely depends on the exposure and the severity level for the critical conditions. Some of the conditions include sessions to be held over an hour ad these are critical conditions like sickness due to decompression, poisoning of cyanide and carbon monoxide, and embolism due to gas in the arterial and cerebral regions. The treatment is usually done on every alternative fifth day and the treatments last for a minimum of twenty such sessions. For the extreme chronic cases of issues, the sessions can be increased to thirty or even forty that are continuously monitored and the improvement is analyzed at regular intervals of time.
The chambers for the operation of the hyperbaric therapy are mainly glass and steel acrylic enclosures that have a compression ratio as per the sea level. The pressure is almost three times of the normal pressure in the atmosphere and surrounding. The communication is continuously done while executing the treatment process on the patients.