Should Floor Tiles Be Practical?

While a lot of the Care and Building businesses happen to be doing it rough over the last few years, the Anti Skid floor treatment sector continues to grow. Some of the driving forces behind this increase are clear, things like deceptive insurance claims or the ease of “no win no fee” litigation for this type of injury.

One of the hidden but significant reasons for the increase in our business is the Architects and Designers, by creating visual perfection that frequently takes over the practical concerns they may be frequently driven to impress prospective customers. Like like high heel shoes, the demand to have something that look hot no matter how impractical will often trump good old common sense.
For a long time the part of the Specifier continues to be an important one in keeping a “practical” eye on the kinds of substances and their suitability, yet like a lot of jobs in virtually every business this function was taken over by a well written set of ones and zeros, and while being excellent at reducing price and always knowing where to get what, these software applications have no notion of why that high polish granite tiles should not be used in the new foyer.
The Architect or builder isn’t always to blame yet, quite frequently the customer has the ultimate call on these kinds of selection and without a fundamental comprehension of COF (Coefficient of Friction) his or her choice is made with the heart ruling the head, and the exceptionally polished granite or impractical ceramics will end up on a floor that’s direct access to the outside of the development, and generally exposure to the elements. click here to get more information roof tiles.