What you should know about GIFs

A GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is an image format, which supports both animated and static images. A GIF allows you to showcase very short video clips in a much more compressed image format. If you want to wish somebody happy birthday in german, for example, you can simply use a GIF to convey the message. This message will however be conveyed without audio. In simple terms, a GIF is a quick and soundless short video clip, which loops and does not need play button to start animating. GIFs are widely used in different fields nowadays that in 2012 the word GIF was named the Word of the Year.

This image format has evolved over the years from being a tool for modern memes to a medium with various applications some of which include journalism and research. People also use this image format to create a happy birthday gif and send it to their friends or family members who are celebrating the occasion. Although GIFs have many uses, people use them today because they have a higher entertainment value. They also have a business value although this value is not easy to determine. But the possibilities and potential for the GIF is limited by a person’s own imagination.
This is actually one reason why some people only find value in GIFs when somebody is celebrating a birthday. But using GIFs is very important especially in today’s internet era. This is because when you use a GIF in your social media profile, for example, you are simply suggesting that you are more attentive to the current internet trends. When you send a GIF with the message happy birthday in german to a friend, it shows that you are a fun person and you are showing your fun side. Through a GIF, you can add a lot of context to shorter messages, tweets and posts.