What’s the Warhammer Fantasy Franchise?

You’ve likely heard of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k, and in case you haven’t then odds are you have noticed the superb computer game Dawn of War.
Games Workshop would be the masterminds behind those franchises that are epic. Since the biggest tabletop battle games business on earth, Games Workshop will also be accountable for the recent games based on the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

A Small History Warhammer Fantasy Battle has been the first game to be put in Warhammers alternative middle ground realm. Since its launch in 1983 Warhammer has motivated generations of table top players, introducing them to painting and collecting the mini versions that signify battlefield units.
Warhammer 40k is Games Workshops futuristic form of the very first game, set in the long run. Post apocalyptic societies fight to restrain the galaxy, discovering odd alien races and bad around every corner. This franchise has been attracted to wide media attention with the launch of Dawn of War about the PC in 2004.
The Warhammer Fantasy Franchise
The Warhammer fantasy franchise encircles table top matches, role-playing games, card games, computer games, books, comics and magazines. Games Workshop is famed because of its tough line it requires against impersonators and people who attempt to sell imitation versions of the products, especially the miniatures necessary to play with the table top matches.
25 years of game development has generated a remarkably rich and detailed world. The official site lists over 200 written tools for Warhammer Fantasy. Also many elderly products are no longer in print or are inaccessible. The depth of data is shocking. Historical, political and religious histories are offered for all the 15 main armies utilized in the game.
Warhammer Fantasy inspires amazing artwork. Books produced in this world’s history feature magnificent illustrations. Fans of the franchise additionally create spectacular artwork of the own – often rivalling the official artists.

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