Get your hands on Coinmixer

Cryptocurrencies are getting popular with time. But out of all, bitcoin is one that has drawn maximum attention towards it. Bitcoins are used for multiple reasons. Undoubtedly, they are a good investment but at the same time they are used to make payments for various goods and services. But the point to be noted is as far as payments are concerned, the priority should always be its security and anonymity. Bitcoins are considered as a safe payment option but nobody can guarantee its anonymity. It can be traced with the help of block chain and with the advancement in technology, anybody can misuse it. You can become a part of some scam or cheat. Therefore, in order to secure the bitcoin payment, you can make use of the bitcoin mixing service that you were looking for.

There are many options of coin mixer available in the market. They are used to make bitcoin payments more secured and anonymous. They make use of a simple concept. All you need to do is send some bitcoins to any of these coin mixers. It will mix your coins with others coins available to them. The mixed coins can be used to make any of your final payments. But in the whole process, your ID won’t be traceable to any third party. This provides anonymity to transaction and ensures your security.

Finding a legitimate coin mixer should be a priority. Internet is full of scams and you need to be extra cautious about it. Keeping an eye on Cryptomixer affiliate program will help. It is a great concept but would only work if you work with the genuine mixer, otherwise you might end up losing your amount and can put privacy at risk. Make use of coin mixer if and only if you’re sure about it. Gather as much information as you can!

ONZ Coin: The need of the hour

In this fast paced life, any alternative that can bring people together and make them appreciate each other’s presence is the need of the hour. ONZ Coin is what that can make it true.
There is a huge craze of social media and its various platforms among people. According to stats available, there are more than 2.8 million people all over the world using these social networking platforms. This number is huge and this clearly shows the popularity of the social networking among people. So the team of ONZ Coin thought why not to use this popularity for the benefit of the community only. Therefore, they have come up this great concept.

ONZ Coin works on the concept of joining social media platforms with DPOS Blockchain technology. In simple words, the appreciation that one gets on social media platforms will be converted into ONZ cryptocurrency having some token value. This value will depend on how the community recognizes it. ONZ can be transferred to any other person as token of appreciation.
The project is still under the process. The company and team need support of the community. The success of any project largely depends on if the community believes in the project’s ideology and concept, or not. As community, you have this opportunity to show your support into the project through investing in it. DPOSICO is divided into two phases. You can contribute in form of early supporter phase or as public offering. It is up to an individual that how much they can invest. All the details regarding this are available on their website.
The team is working day in and day out to make the project successful. The whole information regarding the team is also available on the website. It is a great concept and now let’s see how its implementation is going to take place. Any kind of contribution is welcomed.