Full-Face Snorkel Masks Are Exceptionally Good for Novice & Children Divers

Scuba diving with snorkel mask
Surfing is the most popular underwater exciting activity for most people across the globe. There’s hardly any vacation spot in any region of the world that gives facility for scuba diving or snorkeling yet doesn’t attract massive crowd each year. In fact, a lot of people visit these types of destinations regarding adventure of snorkeling, a type of swimming diving underwater close to the water surface area using a tube for inhaling and exhaling to which we generally refer to as a snorkel mask. The mask is in use for too long years but its design offers revolutionized because it hit the market the very first time. Many modifications have been impacted over years a regular selling mask has been transformed to full face snorkel mask that is a breakthrough regarding snorkeling fans.

Why full-face snorkel mask designs are popular
What is fresh in the full-face snorkel goggles? Why it is so popular? Exactly why it is so specific for under the sea divers? These are some queries that everyone who is enthusiastic about snorkeling wants to know. The underwater experience continues to be improved to a great extent using best full-face snorkel mask designs. The actual innovative concept of bringing these masks was to create the safest design with enhanced eyesight fog proof GoPro cameras with regard to 180-degree view as well as feeling of dry skin by leakproof style that results in no room for drinking water to touch the actual face or to go into the mouth or perhaps nostrils of divers. Full-faced snorkel face masks offer much better breathing techniques through mouth and nose at a time for additional oxygen breathing. These are no time before features that are depicted within full-face snorkel mask review. These features aren’t available in regular masks. Because of these exceptional features, full-face snorkel masks have gained so much popularity as time passes.

From your above dialogue, it can be figured that full-face snorkel masks design are forever best developed styles from the perspectives of marine safety and experience underneath the water.

What’s so special about the Empire EVS Paintball Mask?

The Empire EVS Paintball mask retails for almost $200, though you can buy it for about $150. If you went to online sites like Amazon, you will notice that the mask is extremely popular. Why is it popular and considered one of the best paintball mask amongst hundreds of masks out there?

There are several reasons.
First of all, you get the fabulous field of vision. Unlike other paintball visors, there is no nose bridge that restricts the visor’s design. So, you won’t find any blocked views around your nose arch. In fact, it can be safely said that the Empire EVS has the best field of vision ever, in the history of paintball masks!

Next is the dual paned lens quality. With such a large lens, Empire had to be very careful about anti-fogging properties and they have done a fantastic job with this lens. It doesn’t fog no matter what you put it through; sun, rain, heat, cold or heavy breathing. Of course, there might be a few patches of fog if you wear it for 5 or 6 hours. But, that is a problem that you will have even on the most expensive car windshields. All you have to do away that little fog is to tip the visor open for a few seconds, to let the hot air out. It probably won’t happen though.

The skirt or the bottom of the mask is flexible and collapsible. This will allow you to bounce off paintballs when you get hit in the jaw. Of course, when you crawl and slither on the ground, scouting your opponents, the collapsible nature of the mask is going to make sure that your mask doesn’t move around much.

Comfort with this mask is excellent. It uses very comfortable triple density foam that hugs your face in the softest of manner.

How to pick up a paintball mask that is very comfortable?

Depending on what type of paintball you play, you probably spend anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours a day playing the wonderful combat game. The paintball mask is a very essential part of the gear you will wear. Since it will cover your face, it is imperative that it needs to be comfortable.

In this quick post, we will tell you how to pick out a paintball mask that gives you great comfort while you wear it.
First of all, look at the quality of foam being used. Is it cheap foam or is it foam that is soft? Make sure that the foam doesn’t have any chemical smells either. It must have a neutral smell. If you have allergy problems, you must only buy a paintball mask that uses hypoallergenic foam. There are some cool paintball masks like the Virtue Ascend VIO mask that use hypoallergenic foam.
Next, look at the quality of the adjustable straps. Sometimes, the straps can be thin and made out of cheap materials that will result in chafing. You don’t want such masks. Only choose masks that have at least a 1.5’ width strap that is made out of a soft material. Also, don’t just look at the head strap. Look at the chin straps as well. So many people don’t even wear their chin straps but it is a very important fastener to keep your paintball mask on your head, should you take a ferocious hit around your jaw line.
Lastly, look for good ventilation as only a mask with nice vents will allow you to stay cool inside of the mask. There are some masks out there have extremely soft foam but without proper ventilation, meaning that they can heat up considerably and also result in fogging problems.
Once all these criteria are evaluated, you can pick a comfortable mask that also offers good performance features, giving you the best chance to excel at Paintball.