Usage of Medical cannabis is Carefully Prescribed

Although medicinal cannabis has been legalized in Canada and a practitioner can easily prescribe it to a patient but a treatment involving the same is very carefully prescribed by a doctor. Many factors have to be considered in detail before a final call is taken. All the pros and cons are looked at and weighed first before deciding in favor of it. A doctor can still consider this as the last resort of treatment for a patient. Moreover, a patient should be ready to undergo this form of medication and against his wish; this form of treatment cannot be administered. Conversely, when a patient requests the doctor, then the doctor has the right to take a call on the matter depending on his conviction of the case. A doctor’s conviction may be influenced by the following factors.

• When others have failed – When conventional treatment therapies have been tried upon a patient and have failed to yield necessary results then medical marijuana can be tried by a medico upon the patient. An allopathic doctor will always try the traditional methods of healing a patient because they generally put more confidence in the line of therapy they have been trained in. The failure of prescription drugs can necessitate the medical weed therapy process.
• May interfere with other drugs – Many doctors can tell this and even results prove so that medical cannabis can have an interfering effect upon other forms of medication due to which they don’t prefer using it while a patient is on a different form of therapy. Hence, it is always wise to have a frank discussion with the doctor regarding this line of treatment. A thorough discussion on the topic can be very useful in understanding why and how it can be useful in a particular situation where a disease has to be treated successfully.
Due to these reasons, the medical practitioners generally prescribe it after careful analysis of a patient’s case.